Terms and Conditions
  1. General
    • Rental agreement: You have signed to hire a vehicle from us.
    • Terms and Conditions for hiring a vehicle from us.
    • The Australian Consumer Law applies to the Rental Contract and it provides You with rights that are not excluded, restricted or modified by the Rental Contract and any provision in this contract is subject to the specific protections and guarantees in that and any corresponding Federal, State or Territory legislation.
    • We may use electronic signatures as a means of entry into the Rental Contract. When You insert an electronic signature You consent to the use of this means acknowledgment and acceptance of our private policy and the Terms and Conditions and Your obligations under the Rental Contract.
  2. Authorized Driver
    1. Only You or an Authorised Driver can drive the Vehicle. Allowing anyone who is not an Authorised Driver to drive constitutes a Major Breach of the Rental Contract that excludes You and any Authorised Driver from all entitlement to Damage Cover indemnity under clause 8 of this rental agreement.
    2. You and any person driving the vehicle must be 21 years of age or over.
    3. You and the authorised driver must have a valid driving licence to drive our vehicles i.e.
      1. Own a Full Australian Driving Licence (Not Provisional/Learner) or have a valid International Driving Licence (Issued in English) or else a International Driving Permit issued by their respective Country in English.
      2. The driving licence must clearly show what type of vehicle class you are permitted to drive.
    4. You can add authorised driver/drivers at the time of booking or before renting the vehicle by presenting their details and agreeing to our rental agreement.
    5. All the authorised drivers have to sign the rental agreement.
  3. Longer Term Rental
    1. Any rental term over 1 month will be considered as Long term.
    2. Your vehicle could be called in for servicing, during which we will provide you with a similar car as a replacement.
    3. Your vehicle rental may be terminated if:
      1. If the authorised driver has breached the rental agreement.
      2. If the Invoice we sent has not been paid by the due date.
      3. If we have reasonable ground to believe that the driver has used the vehicle for any illegal activities.
  4. Prohibited use
  5. You and the authorised driver or any passenger in the Vehicle must not:

    1. Drive the vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol or with a blood alcohol content that exceeds the limit set by the law.
    2. Drive the car when failing to pass the routine breadth or drug test conducted by law enforcements.
    3. Dangerously or recklessly drive the car.
    4. Continue to drive the iif the car has significant damages.
    5. Modify or change any parts of the vehicle.
    6. Cause any damage to the car deliberately or allow anyone to do it.
    7. Rent, lease, sell, dispose and use the car for Taxi or Uber services.
    8. Register or entitled to register the vehicle on your name under the Personal Property Securities Act 2009.
    9. Carry more passengers on the vehicle than the carrying capacity.
    10. Use the vehicle to Tow a trailer or any other vehicle or carriages.
    11. Use the vehicle to carry more load than that is permitted by the vehicle carrying capacity.
    12. Carry or transport any animal (including pet) on the vehicle.
    13. Smoke inside the vehicle or allow any other passenger to do so.
    14. Drive the vehicle on a beach or through the road that is flooded or in a natural disaster including flood, cyclone, fire or storm and any road that has been closed.
    15. Must not use a mobile phone or a GPS unit while driving unless the devices are affixed to the vehicle.
    16. Move/transfer the vehicle interstate from Tasmania (Bruny island exempted).
    17. Carry illegal drugs or dangerous substances inside the car.
    18. Drive off road and on snow.
    19. Drive without a seat belt or carry a child without a child seat in the car.
    20. For racing, pacemaking, reliability trials, speed trials, hill climbing or being tested in preparation for those purposes.
  6. Your Responsibilities
    1. Inspect the vehicle to make sure any pre-existing damage is noted. Photos of the pre-existing damage will be emailed to you before we hand over the keys to you and these photos will be compared with the photos taken after the rental period to check for any damage caused during the rental period.
    2. Before collecting the vehicle you must pay the total rental fees for the car.
    3. If the payment is made through a credit card no holding fee or a security bond is required. Credit or a debit card payment requires a security deposit, the amount will depend upon the duration of rental period and the type of vehicle rented.
    4. The security bond is fully refundable if:
      1. The vehicle is returned at the required location, date and time agreed on the rental contract.
      2. If there is no damage caused both interior and exterior of the vehicle or a third party incident involving you as the driver.
      3. If the fuel tank has been completely filled.
      4. If you have not breached the rental contract agreement.
      5. If you have paid your rental fees in full.
    5. If the nominated card is not in your/authorised driver’s name, we will require a signed letter by the card holder authorising us to proceed with the payment.
    6. Strictly use the correct fuel type recommended for the vehicle.
    7. Always park in a safe spot and lock the vehicle when not in use.
    8. During the rental period always check the tyre pressure and engine oil.
    9. Comply with the use of seat belts and child restraint.
    10. Traffic fines, speeding and traffic infringement notice incurred on the vehicle must be paid fully by the driver or any authorised driver. We will work with the authorities to pass any fine and traffic notices on your name to you through email or via post.
    11. During the renting period if the vehicle has been seized by law enforcement or any regulatory body, it is your duty to release it.
    12. The vehicle must be returned in a reasonable state of cleanliness or you may be charged a fee of $100.
    13. Neither you or anyone shall interfere or damage any security or a tracking device fitted to the car.
    14. You shall ensure that a copy of this Agreement is kept in the Vehicle throughout the Hire Period.
  7. Accidents
    1. In the event of an accident, you must:
      1. Pull your vehicle over.
      2. Park in a safe position off the road.
      3. Check on the safety of passengers first.
      4. Contact Ambulance immediately if someone is injured.
      5. Turn on your hazard lights and headlights.
      6. Notify the nearest police station.
      7. If the accident is on a blind rise or bend, park your vehicle back from the accident in a ‘fend-off’ position so vehicles see the accident scene may help prevent further accidents.
      8. Call us as soon as possible.
      9. Try and find out your location (street name and nearest crossroad).
      10. If you have a First Aid kit, take it out of your vehicle. Calm and reassure the people that have been involved in the accident. Make them aware you have called the emergency services and that help is on the way.
      11. Arrangements for passengers (whether they should remain in the vehicle, or where they should wait if the vehicle is unsafe).
      12. Obtain details from the other party/ parties involved in a collision.
      13. If the vehicle can be driven, check all systems before continuing on the journey.
      14. Collect as much information from the scene as possible at the time, including witnesses, details of Police Officers attending the scene and any charges made or pending, details of injured persons (passengers or otherwise), a brief sketch of the scene (or photographs).
    2. Keep Records:
      1. Fill out and sign the Incident Report Form located on the car.
      2. Keep tracks of events (Incident, parties at fault, location, time, drivers detail and photos)
  8. Cost, Payment and Charges
    1. All transactions are processed in Australian Dollars (AUD).
    2. The preferred form of payment is through a credit card, however a debit card is also accepted.
    3. The name on the card used for payment must match with the name used for booking; however if the person is not present during the payment, a letter of authorization is required.
    4. If the payment is done through either a credit or a debit card, we will ask you to pay bond fees for the rental period. The bond fees will be calculated depending on the duration of your car rental period and it is fully refundable when the vehicle is returned at the end of your rental.
    5. The bond fee will be a fully returned to you unless/otherwise:
      1. There is no breach in the rental agreement.
      2. If the vehicle has not been used for Prohibited use mentioned under clause 4.
      3. If the fuel tank of the returned vehicle is filled.
      4. If there is no damage caused to the vehicle both interior or exterior.
      5. If there is no overhead or under vehicle damage caused.
      6. If the vehicle cleanliness has been maintained.
      7. If all the payments have been made in full.
    6. In the case of traffic offences or penalties arising during your rental period, please refer to Clause 5.11 and 5.12.
    7. Payment made with an international credit card will require currency conversion, the currency conversion fees will be added to your invoice.
    8. In the event that Your nominated card has insufficient credit to cover the Charges payable under this Agreement when due You hereby irrevocably authorize the Company:
      1. To debit Your nominated credit/debit cards when sufficient credit becomes available; and/or
      2. To report Your default to credit reporting agencies.
    9. If You have paid by use of credit/debit card or directed the Company to bill Charges, fees or accounts to some other person, corporation, firm or organization who or which fails to make payment when due, you will immediately pay the full amount due.
  9. Complaints about privacy
    1. If you have any complaints about our privacy practises, please feel free to send in details of your complaints to Level 1 94 Liverpool Street, Hobart, Tasmania, 7000. We take complaints very seriously and will respond shortly after receiving written notice of your complaint.
  10. Damage Cover and excess payment
    1. During the rental period, if the vehicle is damaged, stolen,abandoned or any third party loss, You are liable for each incident and You have to pay for the damage excess fees.
    2. No damage cover will be provided to you if:
      1. There is a major breach of rental agreement.
      2. If any non authorised driver has used the vehicle.
      3. Overhead damage to the vehicle
      4. Underbody damage
      5. If the vehicle has been submerged in water and sufficient damage has been caused.
      6. Use of the vehicle in an area prohibited by us.
      7. Use of incorrect fuel type.
      8. Any damage or a third party loss if you leave the scene of an accident before Police arrive.
      9. Lost, stolen or damage of your property from the car or anyone associated with you within the rental period or after the rental period.
      10. Any damage, harm or loss of property caused by the rental car while on your rental period.
    3. During the rental period if the vehicle has been damaged, lost or stolen due to Prohibited use mentioned under clause 4, you will have to bear the cost of:
      1. Vehicle repairs
      2. Full value of the vehicle if unrepairable
      3. Loss of rental income incurred on the vehicle
    4. Your damage excess and liable cover will be paid if you have abided by the rental agreement and were not at fault, provided if you have:
      1. Filled out the incident report form.
      2. taken all the details of the third party driver involved in the incident this is Full name, residential address, phone number, licence number and vehicle registration.
      3. have a description of how the incident occurred.
      4. have photos showing the damages caused by the incident on both the rental car as well as the third part vehicle.
      5. noted the names of the attending Police officers and their station.
      6. You have provided us with the insurance details of the third party vehicle and given that you are not at fault and there is strong evidence that the insurer will agree to pay us the damage.
    5. Upon the return of the vehicle and after the inspection, we will decide whether the damage caused is less than the excess cover that you have paid for.
    6. If the damages exceed the excess cover amount the difference will be Invoiced to you that will need to be paid in a week time.
    7. We will supply your details to any governmental authority if we are asked to do so to help them in any form of investigation.
  11. Definitions
  12. ‘Authorised Driver’   means hirer, driver/drivers, customer, who has signed a rental agreement with us.
    ‘We, Our,Yeti Rentals’   means Yeti Rentals Pty Limited ABN 92649482128
    ‘Rental Agreement’   means the agreement entered into between you and Yeti rentals that is the Yeti Rental Rental Agreement document.
    ‘Nominated Card’   means a valid credit card or a debit card (mastercard or visa) that you nominate to pay the rental fees and invoice.
    ‘Damage Excess’   is the total amount including GST, you are required to pay in the event of accident, vehicle damage and vehicle being stolen.
    ‘Bond Fees/Security Deposit’   eans a security deposit that you have to pay at the start of rental. See clause 5.4 and 5.5.
    ‘Breach of Rental Agreement’   means you have not abided by all the sub clauses mentioned in clause 4 and clause 5.
    ‘Off Road’   means the activity of driving or riding a vehicle on unsurfaced roads or tracks, made of materials such as sand, gravel, riverbeds, mud, snow, rocks, and other natural terrain.
    ‘Overhead Damage’   means any damage caused to the area top/above the front windscreen of the vehicle.
    ‘Underbody Damage’   means damage caused to the underbody of the vehicle colliding with kerbs, gutters, road humps, any object on the road or barriers.
    ‘You and ‘Your’   means the person, an Individual, a Company or an Organization that has rented a vehicle from us by signing a rental agreement.