Top Instagrammable spots in Tasmania
June 8, 2021





From exotic forests, gothic wilderness to picturesque landscapes, Tasmania has it all. It irrefutably is one of the most beautiful places you’ll ever visit. Here are Tasmania’s must capture spots :

1. Bridestowe Lavender Estate 

A pure lavender bliss in the month of December and January. Just outside of Launceston, located at a 50-minute drive, is Australia’s largest lavender farm, Bridestowe Lavender Estate. Famous for its spectacular sight, you can wander around the endless photo-worthy purple fields with eye-catching purple ice cream and waterfalls within an accessible 15-minute walk.




Bridestowe Lavender Estate. Photo: unsplash/Remi Antunes

2. Mount Wellington Park

The stunning view over Tasmania’s capital, Hobart; is easily one the most instagrammable places at any hour of the day. Walking, bike riding, horse riding, rock climbing, you name it, the mode of transportation to Wellington Park is as easy as it can be.


Mount Wellington.Photo:unsplash/Margaret Major

3. Bay of Fires

If there is a must do on Bay of fires, then a mandatory picture on rocks is it. Sunshine illuminating the white sand, crystal blue water, and peculiar lichen covered orange rocks makes the Bay of Fires another beautiful instagrammable spot in Tasmania.


Bay of Fires. Photo: unsplash/Trevor McKinnon

4. The Neck, Bruny Island 

Offering a 360 degree view, Bruny Island Neck is an isthmus of land connecting south and north Bruny island in southern Tasmania. Just 40 kilometres from Hobart, is probably the most indispensable spot for a nature enthusiast.


Bruny Island Neck. Photo: unsplash/Tamara Thurman

5. Cape Queen Elizabeth Arch


Another must visit from Bruny Island is the Cape Queen Elizabeth Arch, just the cherry on top while visiting the Neck. A 40-50 min walk out of the beach, it really is worth it. A great instagram post is assured. It really is a rewarding view after a long walk and will be a highlight on the way.




Cape Queen Elizabeth Arch. Photo: unsplash/Nico Smit


6. Dove Lake / Cradle Mountain

The rustic yet beautiful boat shed located in the dove lake at the lap of the stunning Cradle mountain is a perfect spot for an amazing shot. The mesmerizing view as you look across the lake to the summit of Cradle Mountain in the distance is truly breathtaking. 

Dove Lake. Photo: unsplash/Nico Smit


7. Barn Bluff 

Barn bluff, one of the most prominent peaks in the Lake St Clair National Park, can be enjoyed through a trail. The trail itself is so pretty but the view of the peak and the trail in one picture is out of this world. 

Barn Bluff. Photo: unsplash/Natallia Safonava


8. Enchanted Walk

Adding to the list of Cradle Mountain National Park’s must capture, is a short trail through the fairy-land rainforest. The ragged wilderness really takes you on a journey despite it being a 20 min walk.

Enchanted Walk. Photo: unsplash/Fidel Fernandon


9. Richmond Bridge 

Richmond village, just 30 min from Hobart, really is enchanting. Cafes, galleries, vineyards and the famous Richmond bridge, you might have to delete some pictures from your previous trip. 

Richmond Bridge. Photo: unsplash/Aleksandar Jason

10. Pumphouse Point 

Truly, one of the most renowned hotels in Tasmania for its majestic appearance and architecture, 2 hours far from Hobart, the pumphouse is truly a heaven on land. The pumphouse is basically a luxurious retreat but the dock leading to the retreat is the perfect spot for an aesthetic picture. The gloomy wilderness and gothic appearance in the middle of nowhere is what makes it so quaint. 

Pumphouse Retreat. Photo: unsplash/Simon Rae

11. Wineglass Bay / Lookout 

Hit the steps uphill a trail to the Wineglass lookout for an incredible view. After a few pictures and an exhausting yet pleasing view head down to the striking shades of gold beaches with sparkling blue water. 

Wineglass Bay. Photo: unsplash/Nao Takabayashi

12. Japanese Garden 

Situated in the capital, designed by a landscape architect from Yaizu,Japan, Hobart’s Japanese Garden is beautiful all year round. Variety of stunning plants; Cherry trees, Camellias, Water lilies and Irises, and much more. A great picture is a given, any time of the year. 





Japanese Garden. Photo: unsplash/BAILEY MAHON


13. The Low Head Lighthouse 

A stunning lighthouse and historic precinct at a 45 minutes drive from Launceston is The Low Head Lighthouse. Low Head, an eccentric place to visit, perfect for an evening stroll is home to numerous penguins. You really are 45 minutes away from a great Instagram post . 

The LowHead Lighthouse. Photo: unsplash/Tim Whybroe


14. Maria Island 

Wombats, Cape Barren geese, Pardalotes, Wallabies, Tasmanian devils, kangaroos, you name it, Maria Island has it all. Famous for its exquisite wildlife and green meadows,it is only a 30 minute ferry ride away. Towards the end of the day, the view of wombats all over the island, green grass and sparkling sea together will make you reminisce about it for the rest of your life. 


Maria Island. Photo: unsplash/Fidel Fernando

15. Painted Cliffs 

These painted cliffs in Maria Island is like an outdoor art gallery. These concentric patterns formed due to traces of iron oxide are truly one of a kind. You cannot NOT take pictures here. 

Maria Island Painted Cliffs. Photo: unsplash/cassandra correa

16. Cataract Gorge 

Selfie with a peacock !? Could it get any better ? This is possible only within a 15 minute walk from the Launceston CBD . 


Peacock in Cataract Gorge. Photo: unsplash/Paul Carmona

17 . Mount Field National Park 

Home to some of Tasmania’s most exotic waterfalls; Horseshoe Falls and Russell Falls, Tasmania’s oldest and most eccentric natural location, Mount Field National Park is really heaven for naturalists out there. If you are one picture away from being instagram famous, let this be it. 





Horseshoe Falls. Photo: unsplash/Jeremy Manoto