Outdoor Activities and Adventure in Tasmania
June 26, 2021





Australia’s Island state, Tasmania, famous for its alluring escapades is a perfect spot for adventure-fanatics. The sightseeing is amazing in itself but with outdoor activities you wouldn’t wanna leave. From ghost tours to seaplanes, mountain biking to rafting, there is no ending. Get ready for an adventure of a lifetime. 

These are some of the adventurous outdoor activities in Tasmania:


1. Mountain Biking and Cycling 

Known for its finest trails along the unspoiled mountains, forests with steep passes; Tasmania is a mountain biker’s paradise. Choose from purpose-built tracks or dangerous rocky off road tracks. Maydena Bike park, Derby, Daisy hill, Melrose, St Helens will ensure you an electrifying ride. You can cycle along the coast of Wineglass Bay,Tamar valleys, Mount Wellington Park and for a more subtle ride. 


 2. Kayaking 

The chain of rivers and waterways with breathtaking rapids is extremely suited for kayaking. Be it flat water kayaking, water kayaking or ocean kayaking. Strahan, Bathurst Harbour and Port Davey, Freycinet Peninsula or D'Entrecasteaux Channel and Bruny Island; offering a great selection of kayak or guided kayaking tours is a great option if you’re looking for some titillation. 







Kayaking. Photo: Pexels/Thilo Lehnert


3. Adventure Caving

Calm your adrenaline rush by exploring the depth of Tasmania thriving in its underground array of caves with stunning rock formations, stalagmites and stalactites, glowworms. The famous Marakoopa Caves and King Soloman Caves are at a walking distance from each other; some of the others are Newdegate Cave, Hastings caves.  

4. Rock Climbing and Abseiling

If you are daring enough, you can try rock climbing and abseiling amidst the mesmerizing landforms of Tasmania. The thrill along with the safety suspension will be perfect for thrill-seekers out there, be it a beginner or a professional. Some of the places that provide these services are Cataract Gorge, Mount Wellington, the sea stacks of Tasman Peninsula, Frenchman’s Cap, Hillwood and Ben Lomond National Park.














                                                  Abseiling in Mount Wellington. Photo: unsplash/Nico Smit


5. Rafting

The exhilarating rapids in Tasmania makes rafting one of the major tourist activities. From novices to experienced, experience the wilderness of Tasmania from a different perspective. Franklin river, Derwent River, Mersey Rivers are some of the major attractions for rafting.

6. Ghost Touring 

The infamous Port Arthur, known for its convict past is perfect for a spooky evening in Tasmania. The historic old landforms, legends behind them, dark eerie rooms, confinement cells and so much more. Not to forget, the first hand experience of inspection of paranormal activities. There are several other similar ghost tour sites like Launceston City Coast Tours and Penitentiary Chapel which will send chills down your spine.

Port Arthur. Photo: Pixabay/Peter Robinson


7. Snorkeling

Known for its pristine crystal clear water, Tasmania is the perfect place for snorkeling. Go onto this underwater adventure for never seen marine wildlife. Freycinet National Park, Maria Island National Park, Ninepin Point Marine Reserve, Tinderbox Marine Nature Reserve are some of the best snorkeling spots.

Snorkeling. Photo: Pexels/Patrick Jansen


8. Scuba Diving

If you're interested in in-depth exploration of marine life then opt for Scuba diving. The deeper you go the better the chances of finding exotic flora and faunas. The best part is the rare sea caves, ragged shipwrecks, kelp forests; including seals, penguins along the coast. If there’s one place you have to go scuba diving it’s Paterson’s Arches. Several other places like Fortescue Bay, Governors Island Marine Reserve, Eaglehawk Dive Center,Waterfall Bay Caves and Caverns provide scuba diving services.







Scuba Diving,  Photo: Pexels/Pia


9. SeaPlane and Helicopter Touring 

Tasmania provides amazing in-air sightseeing services. Take a detour of the island in helicopters. Apart from that you can take a seaplane which might be an exquisite choice, where landing and taking off is done in water. Above and beyond in Hobart provide seaplane services.


10. Quad Biking 

If you are a sucker for thrill then this off-road activity is a must. Quad bike driving through Tasman’s wilderness, rocky roads, muddy, steep hills climbs will be more than enough for a rush. Get ready with essential gears and mainly vigor for a never experienced exhilaration. Some companies offering Quad bike experience are Mt Ronald Quad Bikes, Tassie quad bikes, All4Adventure, Tarkine Quad.  


Quad Bike. Photo: unsplash/Appic

11. Jet Boats 

High speed thrilling rides in the water provided by jet boats are amazing even if you aren’t an extremist. A fun packed experience on the sparkling waters of Huon River, it can’t get better. 


Jet Boat In Huon Valley. Photo: Pixabay/ Peter Robinson


12. Cliff Jumping

Either be an impromptu or a planned decision, cliff jumping is an instant source of exhilaration. 

Blackman’s Bay Blowhole, EagleHawk Neck Blowhole, Soldiers Rock are some of the distinguished rock jump spots. This mountainous island has rock jump spots all around; not to forget it is life threatening, so you need to be careful. Do it at your own risk.


13. Paragliding, Hang Gliding and Cable Tours

Experience the scenic wilderness of Tasmania with cable hang gliders located in Launceston's Cataract Gorge and Hollybank Treetop Adventures or Tahune Adventures in the south. If you want to go beyond the limited places and explore more opt for Hang gliding or Paragliding. 


Hang Gliding. Photo: Pixabay/sandid


14. Surfing 

With the abundance of water masses it is pretty evident that Tasmania is heaven for surfers. The variations in waves makes it efficient for you to choose your desired spot. Top-class experience from Shipstern Bluff, South Cape Bay, Eaglehawk Neck, Marrawah, Bicheno and other surfing sites is a given.


15. V8 car rides 

Taste the high speed exhilaration in these racing tracks. Symmons Plains Racetrack, known for a range of V8 cars and its racetrack is perfect for an aspiring racing driver. With training provided in the beginning, you’ll be able to make the most out of this experience.


 Symmons Plains Racetrack. Photo: unsplash/Nico Smit


16. Horse Riding

Indulge yourself in the Tasman’s picturesque landforms; from forests to plateaus, modern buildings to ragged caves, all riding a horse. There are several places like Cradle Mountain, Huon Valley where horse riding is advised and you can find guided tracks as well. 


17. Sailing 

Delve into a calm day sailing around the outskirts of the Tasman Cities. The diverse uncrowded sailing journeys are perfect for sailing and even fishing. Catch a yacht in any part of the island, Bass strait on the north, Tamar Valley, Huon Valley, D'Entrecasteaux Channel, the options are unlimited.


Sailing boats in Port Huon. Photo:unsplash/Thomas Bassett