Hikes In Tasmania
June 7, 2021



Tasmania is home to many National Parks and vast arrays of mesmerizing landscapes, compiled below are a few of many one day hikes in the small island state.


  1. Dove Lake Circuit


Dove Lake. Photo: unsplash/Juliana Lee


Hike Length: 6km circuit

Hike Duration: 2-3 hr circuit

Grade: 2 (suitable for most on a flat, compact surface with one short moderate hill)


What to expect: The walking track takes you through a diverse range of landscapes. On this circuit walk, scrubby buttongrass gives way to sandy lake beaches, gushing waterfalls, and deep rainforests. Dove Lake is a lovely place to go, especially when the wind is calm. Tea tree and buttongrass vegetation seep into the water, giving it a dark blue tint and a highly shiny surface.


  1. Crater Lake Circuit


Hike Length: 5km circuit

Hike Duration: 2-2.5 hr circuit

Grade: 3 (suitable for most but some bushwalking experience recommended for rough surfaces)


What to expect: Tannins from tea tree flora and buttongrass seep into the water, giving this stunning alpine lake its deep blue colour. The lake's blackness is ideal for reflecting clouds and snow capped peaks, making for a fantastic social media photo.


The beautiful Crater Falls is one of the hike's highlights. The falls are located in a gorge covered in mild temperate rainforest.

Crater Lake.Photo:pixabay/Pen_ash


  1. Wineglass Bay and Hazards beach circuit


Hike Length: 11 km circuit

Hike Duration: 4-5 hr circuit

Grade: 4 Bushwalking experience recommended


What to expect: This beautiful hike includes the view down to Wineglass Bay, Hazards Beach, and back around the coastal cliffs and is one of Tasmania's most iconic sites. After a few hours into the hike, the path circles the mountain's southern slopes and descends to sea level, emerging abruptly onto the beach that stretches away to the south, where Mount Freycinet rises above the bay. There are many Aboriginal shell middens in the dunes along Hazards Beach.

Wineglass bay.Photo:unsplash/Nao Takabayashi


  1. Mount Amos


Hike Length: 3.6 km 

Hike Duration: 2-3 hr return

Grade: 4 Bushwalking experience recommended


What to Expect: The track to the summit is steep and strenuous, but walkers are rewarded with panoramic views, it provides incredible panoramic views of the Freycinet Peninsula, Cole's Bay and stunning white sands of Wineglass Bay.

Mount Amos Summit.Photo:unsplash/Tim Hart


  1. Bishop and Clerk


Hike Length: 11km 

Hike Duration: 4-5 hr return

Grade: 4 Bushwalking experience recommended


What to Expect: 

Located in Maria Island that is well known for its history and wildlife, Bishop and Clerk are two towers of dolerite at 620m in elevation. The story behind the name Bishop and Clerk comes due to their resemblance to a bishop wearing a mitre and being followed by a clergyman.

The views from the top are breathtaking. Because the walk includes steep uphill and downhill stretches, as well as a large field of rock boulders. Bicycles are permitted till the no bike sign appears roughly around 2km after the hikes starts.


Maria Island. Photo:unsplash/Fidel Fernando


  1. Cradle Mountain Summit Via Hansons Peak and Marions Lookout


Hike Length: 16.6km circuit

Hike Duration: 7-8 hr return

Grade: 3 Suitable for most ages and fitness levels. Some bushwalking experience recommended.


What to expect: You can experience three different unmissable places of cradle mountain national park with this hike. Complete the circuit loop via Hansons Peak, summiting cradle mountain and returning via marions lookout. With this way you will be escaping the hoards of crowds that usually use the overland track for Cradle summit walk.

Hansons Peak is located right across Dove Lake from Marions Lookout, offers spectacular views of Cradle Mountain and Dove Lake. Other sights include Lake Lilla and Lake Hanson, as well as a view of Mt Pelion East in the distance on a clear day.


Cradle Mountain's top, at 1454 metres, offers pristine panoramic views of lovely lakes, undulating valleys, and distant rocky peaks.

Cradle Mountain. Photo:unsplash/Laura Smetsers


Cradle Mountain National Park.Photo:unsplash/Nico Smit


  1. Cape Hauy Walk

Cape Huay.Photo: Free Australian Stock Images


Hike Length: 9.4 km 

Hike Duration: 4 hr return

Grade: 3 (suitable for most but some bushwalking experience recommended for rough surfaces)


What to Expect: A beautiful out-and-back stroll to some jaw-dropping cliffs. The track, which is part of the Three Capes Track, begins by undulating through woodlands and heath with many wildflowers. The path then descends a steep set of mainly stone steps before returning to the cape. With views on both sides, Cape Hauy juts out into the choppy sea.