About us
Yeti Rentals is a growing Australian car rental company providing reliable, easy and cheap car hire services in Hobart and Launceston. Our goal is to provide hassle free car rental services in Tasmania with simple booking process and flexible rates. The vision and idea behind Yeti Rentals comes from the real-world experiences of organizing unexpected and sudden trips and traveling long distances where booking cars, which should be an easy task, wasn't as straightforward as it seemed. Therefore, the services, features and options provided by Yeti Rentals are done first and foremost with the customer's comfort and convenience in mind and booking a vehicle should be the last thing to worry about before traveling.

Organizing your holiday and traveling plans have been made easy with Yeti Rentals as we have a dedicated Blogs section where there are a number of good reads on things to do and places to visit in Tasmania.

Visit, explore and create memories with Yeti Rentals.